ParksnPeaks DXCluster(VK3HRA-2)

ParksnPeaks maintains this DXCluster node to support the spotting of WWFF and SOTA activity into the DXCluster network.

This can be used as a feed for logging software or you can also login into the node via telnet using your callsign at

DX Call
Date/Time (UTC)
5Q4X 7.0210023-Oct-2017 22:22 IZ4IRJ
Eu 125 cq simplex
CX7SS 21.2500023-Oct-2017 22:22 W5ETL
RD3K 7.1480023-Oct-2017 22:22 CS7AIT
tnx Val
R4FCJ 1.8880023-Oct-2017 22:22 R4FCJ
"The aerodromes Russia"
JM7OLW 21.0190023-Oct-2017 22:21 K2KA
Duke 599 into CO. TU 73
5Q4X 7.0210023-Oct-2017 22:21 K2CD
AK1N 7.1350023-Oct-2017 22:21 9A4ZZ
KF0DH 21.0740023-Oct-2017 22:21 VK2LAW
FT8 Alan 73
CX7SS 21.2500023-Oct-2017 22:19 N8ACC
59 wv worked new country
S58N 10.1360023-Oct-2017 22:19 VE3DZP
DU3LA 21.0270023-Oct-2017 22:19 W3LPL
Heard in OR
RD3K 7.1480023-Oct-2017 22:19 N3DXX
IK4GRO 7.1640023-Oct-2017 22:19 IK0RTR
XE1XR 18.0800023-Oct-2017 22:18 K7ABV
not busy--tnx qso
CE2MVF 21.2600023-Oct-2017 22:18 WE0J
5/9 in OK CQ CQ
XE3R 28.3999023-Oct-2017 22:17 LW1DZ
5/9 en Buenos Aires
CX7SS 21.2500023-Oct-2017 22:17 DS3EXX
tnx. 59 350deg.
IK4GRO 7.1640023-Oct-2017 22:17 CS7AIT
tnx 73
VO2RAC 14.0753023-Oct-2017 22:16 KB8OTK
CX7SS 21.2500023-Oct-2017 22:16 WD8JP
CX7SS 21.2500023-Oct-2017 22:15 N4ZOO
VK2LAW 21.0734023-Oct-2017 22:15 N1DID
TY Jason - Nice Signal from NSW
UA3GAM 3.6740023-Oct-2017 22:14 RQ9A
VE8RAC 14.2830023-Oct-2017 22:13 KA9EAK
NWT Above Arctic Circ 80w out!
JA7MSQ 21.0735023-Oct-2017 22:13 PU5YSV
IK4GRO 7.1640023-Oct-2017 22:12 DS3EXX
CX7SS 21.2500023-Oct-2017 22:12 WE0J
5/9 in OK
N1DID 21.0740023-Oct-2017 22:12 VK2LAW
FT8 -11dB tu Emily 88 CT
W6NIF 28.0740023-Oct-2017 22:11 KF4PGW
KB1HY 7.1410023-Oct-2017 22:11 9A4ZZ


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